Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kitchen Roulette

How it all began...
I love cooking and I love organization, but for some reason I cannot keep track of the recipes I love. This blog-o-dex will hopefully remedy my little knowledge management problem and maybe other people will read it from time to time. Please feel free to use any of these recipes or ideas that you like. I will try to credit original sources as much as possible because 1) I am a librarian and I believe in that sort of thing and 2) it is actually useful information to have.

Kitchen Roulette: is the term I use when I cook up all the things I have lying around the house. The goal is to make a complete, delicious and nutritious meal using only ingredients I have already purchased. That said, I do have a lot of "fancy" foods and spices already, so it's not that I just stumbled across the pomelos and chili oil...

Lastly, I adore cooking with other people, espcially S, L, A, A, and know who you are.

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